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Gift voucher 2000 CZK

Před slevou 2.000 Kč

Christmas, birthdays, holidays or just like that. For all cases, there is a JML gift voucher.

Is two trays not enough? It doesn't matter, the vouchers can be added up or write us in a note how much you value the recipient and we will issue a voucher according to your wishes.

Do you want a special design or a design for the voucher? We can do this too. Just contact us at info@jml-cycling.cz.

We prefer to send vouchers by e-mail. However, if you want a printed coupon, no problem. If you can do with e-mail, of course we do not charge postage (although the e-shop adds postage). We will send you an individual code in the entered e-mail, by which the recipient will prove himself.

The ideal method of payment is transfer to our account.