Jerseys made with love

The best ideas for a person come from sports. In 2013, we decided to change our clothes to a bike - so that we could ride it well and look nice. That's why we founded JML - Jerseys Made with Love.

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Nature inspiration

  • Crash replacement

    Did you have a fall? It was in a JML jersey and next to the painful abrasions and lichens, do you bother that you tore our piece? You have a 20% discount with us.


    More about crash replacement

  • Custom production

    Whether for a team, party or special event, we will meet your needs and assemble jerseys according to your design and quality requirements.


    How it works

  • Stone shops

    You can physically find us in the following stores:


    LBS Sport (Na Maninách 900/50, Prague 7)

    Cyklo Cibulka (Čichnova 2, Brno)